The DNA Delusion: the Videos

This site provides videos of biochemical events that are described in my book, The DNA Delusion.

1. DNA: How It Works

This video is 2:41 long and is about DNA and how its code is utilized to make proteins. Notice how each of the molecules functions like an intelligent human. Each knows exactly where to swim, and what it needs to do to make one protein molecule.

2. Mitosis: Cell Division

This video is 1:29 long, and shows how cells divide, a process known as mitosis.

3. DNA Replication: What DNA Does During Cell Division

DNA makes a copy of its 3.2 billion base pairs, all in 6 to 8 hours. Several hundred thousand base pairs need to be copied every second, so this is incredibly slow motion.

4. The Bacterial Flagellum: An Incredible Electromagnetic Motor

Could this device be invented and assembled by Dumb Luck?

5. Motor Proteins: Incredibly Tiny but Efficient Movers of Protein Molecules.

Imagine if we could hire workers that could do this amount of work. And do it perfectly. And take hundreds of steps per second doing it. What directs these little “creatures” so that they know where to take their immense burdens and what to do with them?

6. Meiosis: The Forming of Gametes

This video shows how cells divide to form gametes, sperm and egg. Each gamete will have 1/2 the number of chromosomes needed for a full somatic cell. When they combine during fertilization, the fertilized egg will have a full complement of chromosomes, 1/2 from the mother and 1/2 from the father.


7. The Steps to Wound Healing

This video shows how cells involved in wound healing travel to just the location where they are needed where they perform just the tasks that they are supposed to perform. Do these cells have eyes? A brain? How do they know what they are supposed to do, and when they are supposed to do it. How do they wind up in the exact location where they are needed? What is the controller for the cells? Are the cells conscious beings?


8. The Development of a Human Embryo

What directs the sperm to swim in the direction of the ovum? How do they all know where to go?  Do they have eyes and a brain? Why do they all stop racing the second one sperm out of millions makes its way into the ovum? What on Earth directs the shape of the developing organ or body part, the cell type, and location, of the trillions of cells involved in the development of this human embryo?


9. Starlings: Putting On A Show

This is how Richard Dawkins says a single cell can turn into a fully formed newborn infant.